experience the power of voicemail marketing

Eliminate cold calling, Auto Dialing, Purchasing Leads, or Direct Mailers. Use our System and have prospects call you!

Fastest Way to Client Aquisition

RVM’s can send clients to your phones immediately. No other marketing channel can bring results as fast as Ringless Voicemails.


Start Campaigns within 24 hours

Just upload your phone numbers and we will blast your message out to hundreds even thousands of qualified prospects in the push of a button.


96% Listening Rate

Ringless Voicemails are the most  powerful form of marketing is to get your influential message in front of  people. RVM’s does just that!


High Call Back Rates

People listening to your message are curious and open to responding with a sense of urgency. Most call back within minutes!


Has the unlimited power to bring unlimited power possibilities

Whether you have a database of old leads or want to upload a cold prospecting list, we have the sysem to send your message directly to your prospects at the PUSH of a BUTTON.


Unlimited incoming leads at the press of a button.

The best way to grow your own business is to start generating your OWN leads. Ringless voicemail campaign will have  interested prospects calling your phone. Also great for follow ups, mass messaging, public announcements, and alerts.

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What Our Clients Say

Whether you do Insurance, Marketing, Loan Brokering, Real Estate, you can Use RVM’s to generate unlimited incoming leads.

“As an Freelancer, I’m always concerned about maintaining a strong client base and having enough projects to keep my busines running. Since I am a one woman show it’s hard to work on projects and cold call at the same time. RVM’s are my secret weapon to client aquisition.”

Anna Johnson
Graphic designer

“I worked so hard to start up my SEO company. The first 6 months were tough. I had a team of cold callers  who were extremely motivated but just couldnt generate enough sales. It wasnt untill we started using Ringless voicemail drops  did we finally have  a Solid prospecting system.

Eric Black
web designer/seo

“I started a marketing consutancy to help business grow. I struggled to make this possible for my clients. I started using RVM’s to help with client aquisiton; And now,  not only do I provide RVM’s as a service but also use it to grow my own business. RVM’s are essential to my business practices. 

BJ Hollins
marketing consultant

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